Belief in OurselvesBelief in Ourselves
by Neil M.  Gunn

Neil M Gunn (1891 – 1973), one of Scotland’s most distinguished and highly regarded novelists of the 20th century, was a prolific writer. While he is best known for his fictional work Gunn was also a perceptive and meditative essayist who wrote extensively throughout his life on a w... more...
Change of WillChange of Will
Where Hollywood, politics and religion collide
by Ali Azam

A prominent Pakistani industrialist, his two sons and driver are gunned down in broad daylight. In another world thousands of miles away, Danyal is heading home on the Gatwick Victoria Express after a year long internship with a US senator. He is stunned to see a leading actor sitting unnoticed o... more...
and other short stories
by Neil M.  Gunn

Neil M. Gunn is celebrated as one of Scotland’s foremost novelists of the 20th century. Less well known is that he was also a perceptive and meditative essayist and accomplished writer of short stories. Most of his short stories were written in the 1920s and 1930s in parallel with his early no... more...
King CameronKing Cameron
by David Craig

Over the generations, people dragooned by government have risen up and struggled against the bonds of law and ownership which oppressed them. So it was on Tayside at the end of the 18th century and in the Outer Isles in 1849. From time to time a person of unusual resolve and clarity of mind finds... more...
Landscape to LightLandscape to Light
by Neil M.  Gunn

Although Neil M. Gunn is well-known as one of Scotland's foremost writers of the 20th century, he is less well-known as a perceptive and meditative essayist who wrote on a variety of subjects - from landscape, nature and the sea to literature, politics and matters of the spirit. Written in paral... more...
Nation and NationalismNation and Nationalism
by Alistair McCleery

Neil M. Gunn (1891–1973) has been widely recognized as the most important novelist of the twentieth-century Scottish Literary Renaissance. Most of his novels are still in print and they continue to find in each generation an enthusiastic popular and academic readership. His novels have been ad... more...
Second SightSecond Sight
by Neil M.  Gunn

A novel set in a Highland shooting lodge, where the focus is a hunt in a remote deer forest; but this is no ordinary thriller. A shooting lodge party of wealthy English people, a team of Highland stalkers, a legendary stag to be hunted and a background of glen and corrie, shrouded from time to time ... more...
Tales from Braemore & Swein Asleifson - a Northern PirateTales from Braemore & Swein Asleifson - a Northern Pirate
by Robert P. Gunn

During the long winter nights and before the advent of television, people in Caithness used to hold informal gatherings in each other's houses, and spend the night in general conversation around the firesides. These gatherings were known as ceilidhs. The news of the day was always discussed alon... more...
The GoalieThe Goalie
by Jim Crumley

'...Jim Crumley has captured the spirit and the essence of what football meant, and still means to those of us in the city who love the game and its heroes to our very souls'. From the Foreword by Jim Spence Television and Radio Sports BroadcasterThe Goalie is a novel based on the life of Bob Crumle... more...
The Lost ChartThe Lost Chart
by Neil M.  Gunn

Unlike most of Gunn’s novels, The Lost Chart is set in a city – the city of Glasgow and its sea approaches. The untypical choice of background for the story is not the only departure from Gunn’s usual approach to his novels. The book is also a thriller. The story unfolds in a socia... more...
The Lost GlenThe Lost Glen
by Neil M.  Gunn

The Lost Glen vividly portrays a clash of cultures and personalities against a background of a landscape in visible decay. The cultural collision and its effects are explored through Ewan, a young local man recently returned from university in disgrace, and a retired English colonel staying at the v... more...
The Mountain of LightThe Mountain of Light
by Jim Crumley

This is a unique mixture of folk-tale, magic, myth, love story and hymn of praise to the natural world of Scotland's high and low lands, their landscapes and creatures, and the poet-guardians who timelessly maintain their care for them. It is the legend-story of the mysterious Wanderer, who c... more...
The Other LandscapeThe Other Landscape
by Neil M.  Gunn

Neil M Gunn, one of Scotland’s most distinguished 20th century authors, wrote over a period of 30 years, starting in 1926 and ending in 1956 with his so-called spiritual autobiography The Atom of Delight. Two years before this he wrote his last novel, The Other Landscape, the setting being the... more...
The ShadowThe Shadow
by Neil M.  Gunn

Horrific experiences of the blitz in wartime London and the spiritual bankruptcy of her lover and his Marxist acquaintances are seen through the eyes of Nan, a young Scotswoman, who has returned to her native Highlands to recover from a nervous breakdown. Her letters to her lover from the warm an... more...
The Silver BoughThe Silver Bough
by Neil M.  Gunn

At the heart of The Silver Bough is a cairn on a knoll surrounded by standing stones. This is of professional interest to an archaeologist, around whom the story revolves. The life-enhancing qualities of the crofting family with whom he lodges and the quiet tenor of Highland life bear a curious simi... more...
The Unbroken HarpThe Unbroken Harp
by David Craig

A novel of extraordinary strength and power focusing on a woman evicted in the Clearances who throughout a life's hard toil keeps the the memory of her people's travail. This novel, from a foremost expert on the Clearances, tells the story of Flo Campbell and her eviction from the family&... more...
Water and LifeWater and Life
by Alistair McCleery

Water and Life pursues the goal of the previous volume, Nation and Nationalism, to bridge the often ivory-tower concerns of academic critics and the interest of a wider public in the works and thought of Neil Gunn, considered the foremost Scottish novelist of the twentieth century. The ‘circle... more...
Wild Geese OverheadWild Geese Overhead
by Neil M.  Gunn

From this evocative title comes a powerful novel set in the city of Glasgow in 1939. This is indeed a bleak stage, and yet how does this title, with its implication of freedom and flight, meld with a depressed city at the outbreak of war? The main character, a journalist, finds that a glimpse of wil... more...

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