Everest - the Man and the Mountain

Everest - the Man and the Mountain

J. R. Smith

Print edition: £40.00
234 × 156mm
320 pages

Mount Everest is known to everyone - but what of the person after whom it was named? This book traces the life and profession of that person, George Everest. In particular, it covers his life dedicated to surveying in India during the first half of the 19th century.

George Everest went to India at the tender age of 16 but within a few years was leading survey parties into the remotest areas of the subcontinent. His particular passion was geodesy - the determination of the size and shape of the earth and he soon became Superintendent of the Great Trigonometrical Survey. In addition, he spent many years as Surveyor General of India.

The entire work draws heavily on original correspondence archived in India and this gives a good flavour of his character both as a person and as a manager. Everest was a surveyor, linguist, engineer, astronomer and religious philosopher but in the pursuit of his goals he did not suffer fools gladly. It was recorded that he was so indefatigable - his determination to complete his appointed task under extreme conditions was second to none - that his contemporaries were accustomed to speak of him as 'Neverrest'.

This book provides a fascinating insight into the life of a remarkable man and shows amply why the earth's highest peak now bears his name.

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