Great Misconceptions

Great Misconceptions

Rewilding Myths and Misunderstandings

Ian Parsons

  • Wide range of respected and experienced contributors
  • An informed insight into the challenges and possible solutions
  • Shows what can be achieved by individuals


Print edition: £18.99
234 x 156mm
c 192 pages
illustrated with 40 colour photos and drawings
September 2024

The term rewilding has become part of the common vernacular and with it has come a lot of misunderstanding and even misuse. This has led to a great many misconceptions about what the word actually means. Great Misconceptions brings together different writers, with different experiences, exploring some of those misconceptions, misunderstandings and myths when it comes to what rewilding means to them.

Rewilding is a word that has been used and misused by virtually everyone, from school children to politicians, site volunteers to CEOs of conservation organisations and from local village notice boards to mainstream media outlets. It is used in positive and negative terms, to unite and divide, to engender enthusiasm and create fear, to celebrate good decisions and justify bad decisions. Rewilding is a term used to both label and libel.

The book boasts an impressive team of writers:  a mix of published authors, seasoned campaigners, active conservationists, academics, a politician, a businessman and a farmer, all of whom write about a particular aspect of rewilding that is important to them. Each chapter has been independently written from the author’s own perspective. Topics include land management at large and smaller scales, mass tree planting, community involvement, reintroductions, both broadly and more specifically with the case of the Lynx. It also considers how rewilding could and perhaps should change politics, how we can run a business in line with rewilding principles, and also, how these principles can be applied to both the countryside and urban areas, and we also ask the question, can we rewild whilst producing food?

From the thought of Aurochs rampaging through the House of Commons to recovering temperate rainforests on the west coast of Ireland, this is a book that covers a wide range of topics that all fall within the term of rewilding. It is a book to inform, provoke thought and debate and to stimulate conversation about rewilding conservation.


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