An Expedition Handbook

An Expedition Handbook

with Mountaineering Case Studies

Dave Wynne-Jones

  • Provides detailed, step by step, guidelines to organising an expedition, including people management issues
  • Includes case studies from a variety of locations which reveal the principles in action or not. Negative as well as positive experiences are learning experiences
  • Top tips with lots of examples


Print edition: £18.99
234 × 156 mm
240 pages
c.90 illustrations, colour throughout

‘Dave Wynne-Jones has an impressive record of leading expeditions all over the world… …this book hands on some of that hard won expedition experience especially through the recounting of real events. An entertaining and insightful read’. Declan Phelan, President of the Eagle Ski Club

‘This expedition handbook is a perfect place to start planning your first big adventure… Read, learn and most of all … enjoy’. Victor Saunders, President of the Alpine Club

‘…Dave Wynne-Jones has produced a valuable guide for future expeditioners’. Andy Kirkpatrick, author of Psychovertical and other books

This is for anyone who believes there is something special about taking on a challenging task in a remote place where few, if any people have been before. It may be a mountain range where your team is the only human presence, or a mountain on which you are making a first ascent. It’s a unique opportunity to relate to a particular landscape, and in doing so to understand that environment and yourself better than before; something valuable that’s shared within your team. Most mountaineers are familiar with challenges but the added dimension of remoteness intensifies the experience, tests one’s self-reliance and teamwork so much more thoroughly.

Having been told on numerous occasions that ‘I’d love to go on an expedition but I don’t know where to start’, the Handbook offers much more than just a start. Based upon years of Alpinism and expeditionary mountaineering, including leading more than 20 expeditions, it became apparent to the author that a systematic approach can avoid logistical and personnel problems by thorough preparation.

After running seminars on expedition planning at the National Outdoor Centre, the author believed there was much more ground to cover – even after a two-hour interactive session. As well as providing this information, the book shares some of the accumulated wisdom from the traditions of expeditioning in the writings of such towering figures as Bill Tilman, Eric Shipton and Frank Smythe.

An Expedition Handbook includes many practical tips, from assessing the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning to tent design and pitching methods. Readers can learn about expeditions whilst enjoying the very elements that make it all worthwhile; the adventure, the camaraderie, the exotic locations, the triumphs. Aspirant expeditioners should therefore be able to organise more successful and satisfying expeditions so that fewer but better expeditions take place, cutting the climate cost of travel, and bringing back an appreciation of wild places and a willingness to stand up for rewilding in environments closer to home.

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