A Biologist Abroad

A Biologist Abroad

Rory Putman

‘...The main reason I've been enjoying this book so much is the superb quality of your writing; also, your words sweep me along, so I'm travelling with you and seeing the world through your eyes. Love it!’ Caroline Petherick, The Wordsmith

  • Describes the author’s adventures in Iceland, East Africa, Nigeria and Indonesia from the late 1960s to the late 1990s
  • A blend of observations on the natural history, the peoples encountered and their culture
  • A travelogue as seen through the eyes of a professional biologist


Print edition: £16.99
216 × 138mm
148 pages
8pp colour section

A professional biologist with wide experience of working both in the UK and overseas, Rory Putman takes us with him on working trips to Iceland, East Africa, Nigeria and Indonesia, introducing us to the countries and their people, their natural history, and explaining some of the wildlife issues which have prompted himself and his colleagues to travel there in the first place. The stories cover episodes from more than four decades of working as a jobbing biologist overseas.

The understanding required to solve problems and seek solutions to  particular issues related to management and conservation of wildlife means that in some way the observer becomes much more intimately engaged, and perhaps gains a different perspective of the country and its culture than might be apparent to a more casual ‘outside’ onlooker. To some extent, that deeper involvement enables Rory Putman to give the reader more of an inside view and introduction to the countries and their wildlife from a wholly personal perspective.

Like many other enthusiastic naturalists, the author enjoyed experiencing new habitats and seeing wonderful and exotic species on his travels and this engaging book will carry the reader along on the journey.  

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