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'This is a series of intense observations of nature in a small area, by a gifted observer who interprets what he sees in an individual style.' Birdwatch



'This book is beautifully illustrated with both colour and black and white maps, paintings and photographs chosen carefully to illustrate the topics being described. ...was delighted by the wealth of informative material I found woven around the central Baltic theme to illustrate the close relationship between the two navies. ...I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am delighted to recommend it... It has expanded my knowledge of Baltic operations and their wider influence across the centuries and my copy has already taken its place in my library.' Australian Naval Institute



                      ‘A much-needed recent monograph on point cloud technology helps geospatial practitioners and students understand the concepts behind capturing and mapping point clouds’. Eric van Rees, GEO WEEK NEWS       



'This book combines Travelogue and thought provoking commentary on motivations and attitudes concerned with birding on a worldwide scale. There are reflections on the current and accelerating loss of bioderversity and climate change. ...Along the way we also meet some interesting, dedicated and eccentric birders, including bird guids and conservationists working hard to save important habitats. We are also transported to some interesting and exotic locations...all in search of some of the rarest and most intersting birds on the planet. De Tha Dol 




'...presents a new examination of the expedition from a refreshing perspective... not a hard read at all. It flows quite beautifully with clear descriptions of the places visited, the investigations carried out and the discoveries made... ...a sensitive and informative retelling of what is the most significant Antarctic expedition of the 19th century, renowned for its geographical and geological discoveries, for its important magnetic observations and for opening up the route in the South Pole.' British Antarctic Club Journal 

''Thourough' is well justified. The author declares that is has taken years to put this book together and it is a worthy effort. ...This book can be recommended as a reliable and affordable account for the general reader...' The Naval Review


'The authors compress a wealth of materials into a volume of reasonable size. This is undoubtably a useful synthesis.' Lidar



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